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Residential Property Tax Rate for Richmond Hill Area is:
0.66% (last update:2020)
City of Vaughan named after Benjamin Vaughan, a British commissioner who signed a peace treaty with the United States, the city of Vaughan, is the fifth-largest city in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada. The city flourished from an ancestry of agriculturalists. Several archaeological evidence excavated since 1975 has suggested the occupation of Iroquois besides the Humber River from 1500-1550. The hamlets one of the historical settlements in the countryside of this city experienced a more substantial influx of immigrants in the 1800s. The immigrants were expert tradesmen who laid a foundation for the economic prosperity of the region. While the first people to arrive were Pennsylvania Germans, during World War II, the city saw higher immigration of Italians, Jews, and eastern Europeans into its demographics. The first road that was constructed in the Township connected Vaughan with Toronto in 1850. A series of events led up to the formation of a regional government of the York region in 1971 when the boundaries between Vaughan township and the Village of Woodbridge was dissolved to make the Town of Vaughan. The city's significant communities officially inhabit the five urban areas of Woodbridge, Maple, Thornhill, Concord, and Kleinburg. The Vaughan Metropolitan center is the central business zone of about 442 acres of land and is under the progress of developments. The city population has seen a tremendous growth close to 80.2% during the 1996-2006 time period. Vaughan was one of the fastest multiplying municipalities in Canada. The population during that period almost doubled its 1991 count. From 2011-2016, the population grew by 6.2 percent. The diversity of the population comprises Southern European Canadians, especially Italians, Eastern Europeans (Russians), Jews from Ontario, and smaller proportions of British and Irish in the Southern Ontario cities. The minorities inhabiting the city are Chinese, Hispanic, Jamaican, Indian, and Vietnamese people. Vaughan has a wide diversity in linguistics. The most spoken languages of the city in descending order are English, Italian, Russian and Spanish. But that is not all. Its diverse population also speaks Punjabi, Filipino, Hebrew, Mandarin, Farsi, Vietnamese, Cantonese, and Urdu. Vaughan is a vibrant and prosperous community, at more than 4% economy growth annually, this city is amongst the best Canadian cities for entrepreneur and major companies. In last 10 years (since 2010) the city made more than 60,000 jobs and more than $11 billion spent on Real Estate, and still Vaughan is one of the with lowest tax in Greater Toronto Area. So if you are an entrepreneur and looking for the best place to start your business Vaughan can be one of the cities in Greater Toronto Area you can look into, City have very good tools, meetings and advisors to help you start or if you already have business city is always there to help you. The city has four major sports leagues for Hockey, Baseball, Football, and Basketball. There are several amateur sports teams in the city for several sports. The National golf club of Canada, the country's highest-ranking golf club, hails from Vaughan. The city of Vaughan embodies the beauty of diversity. The undying spirit of the region is an epitome of growing prosperity and emerging hopes for the demographics in and beyond Canada.
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Community Centres

Al Palladini Community Centre
9201 Islington Avenue,
Woodbridge ON L4L 1A7 (view map)
Phone: 905-832-8564

Chancellor Community Centre
350 Ansley Grove Road, Woodbridge ON L4L 5C9 (view map)

Phone: 905-832-8620

Dufferin Clark Community Centre
1441 Clark Ave. W, Thornhill (view map)

Phone: 905-832-8554

Father E. Bulfon Community Centre
1369 St. Clair Ave.8141 Martin Grove Road, Woodbridge ON L4L 3W9 (view map)

Phone: 905-879-8732

Garnet A. Williams Community Centre
501 Clark Avenue West, Thornhill ON L4J 4E5 (view map)
Phone: 905-832-8552

Maple Community Centre
10190 Keele Street, Maple ON L6A 1R7 (view map)
Phone: 905-832-2377

North Thornhill Community Centre
300 Pleasant Ridge Avenue, Thornhill ON L4J 9B3 (view map)
Phone: 905-832-8540

Rosemount Community Centre
1000 New Westminster Drive, Thornhill ON L4J 8G3 (view map)
Phone: 905-832-8552

Vellore Village Community Centre
1 Villa Royale Avenue, Woodbridge ON L4H 2Z7 (view map)
Phone: 905-832-8544

Woodbridge Pool & Memorial Arena
5020 Highway 7, Woodbridge ON L4L 1T1 (view map)
Phone: 905-832-8576


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