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Google Marketing vs Social Media Marketing

iranian real estate google vs social media marketing
This is one of the most common question small businesses have, with small marketing budget which marketing platform should we use, Social Media or Google? by Social Media I better say Facebook. I say Facebook because between all those Social Media platform out there Facebook has the biggest chunk of the market, Special for business doing business with public or B2C businesses like Real Estate Agents or Mortgage Agents. Answering the question about which media is better to spend your marketing budget on could be simple but you better know some points about these marketing media first before making the right decision.
First of all I better say if you have enough budget you better contact a Marketing Manager and go for both media or even if you have money you can definitely go for print marketing too (Offline marketing).
Fortunately most of these platforms do not overlapping their markets and each one of them can play a different roll in your marketing campaign. As I said you might think that any one of these platforms is easy to play with but you do need to know if you do it wrong not only you will pay a high price for your marketing but also you might damage your business reputation too so you have to contact a marketing professional to do it for you. When you start putting yourself or you business online you better know that all of your information will never get deleted so if you start the wrong way it will take a longer time to to fix what has been done wrong.

Now lets talk about these marketing platforms:

What is Google Marketing and SEO

what is google marketing and SEO for realtors and mortgage agents
Google Marketing is basically is an auction for keywords, you type in the keywords you looking for (for example: "Real Estate in Toronto" or "Mortgage in Toronto") and Google will tell you what is the current minimum and maximum bet on that keyword, you will offer your own bet for that keyword limit the amount you want to spend everyday and done, that simple and not that simple.
before you do all that you better take care of your website SEO first and make sure your site is ready.

What is SEO?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, what does it mean, that means if a search engine (like Google) comes to your website it can scan or crawl all part of your website easy, finds and index all the information you listed and properly understands what you are offering, the better your SEO is the more information you will transfer to the search engine database.
If you are a Real Estate Agent or a Mortgage Broker you are probably having a pre-designed website or a template which you are  renting from a company, there's good things and bad things about it.
First the good ones, the good things is that you are getting a complicated designed website for a low cost but the bad things is, it's not professionally handling the SEO for you. If you have a custom design website you need to pay a lot of money to have almost the same thing but it can be as professionally SEO optimized as it's possible. well wise man says you get as much as you pay for right?.

What is Google Marketing (Adwords):
Google marketing is called Google Adwords, it's kind of an auction, you bet on the keywords you want Google to show you when someone searched for that word, as simple as that.
but its not that simple, Google also grades your website based on some points, like your SEO setup, number of links you receive from other websites (backlinks).

When you have a good graded website then you can start setting up Google Campaign or Adwords.
you can start by betting on the words you like and limit your daily budget, and you are good to go

If you haven't setup a Google Campaign yourself yet, do not try to do it by yourself, use professional digital marketer he/she will help you save money and get better result

Social Media Marketing

what is social media marketing for realtors and mortgage agents
Social Media Marketing is basically works like Google Adwords, it's auction and you can choose you audience, price you pay, location you like to advertise, age range, specify the limits you want to pay daily and so on. Different between the 2 ad setup is that here you need a good, eye catchy graphic or a beautiful video to put as the ad but in Google you need to setup a very good wording which make people to click on your ad.
again it sounds simple but there's tons of fine tricks here and there to help you get better result or save money, so if you haven't done this yet so hire a professional digital marketer to do it for you

What is the Difference between Google Marketing and Facebook Marketing

facebook vs google marketing for realtors and mortgage agents
1- Facebook and Google both using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to trace and find their audience needs and interests based on the behaviours and inputs the difference is
Facebook doing it based on their posts, likes, interaction with other posts and interests in Facebook and Google does it based on their search
so Google knows what people is looking for and Facebook knows what people like
2- Google marketing (Adwords) is like on demand customer referrals the moment you start the campaign the moment you receive hits on your website doesn't matter how young or how old your site is Google will send you customer and the moment you stop the campaign your traffic coming from Google will Stop, and let me tell you a secret here, having a Google Adword will not help your website reputation or ranking.
but in Facebook and Social Media is different you are building customer base (page likes) you will not getting response right away but you building the customer base and if you stop the marketing you still have the audience you built and if you know how to post a good content you can keep them or even grow without paying.

Which Media Should I Start With?

whic one is better google or facebook for realtors and mortgage agents
That's not an easy question to answer, it's completely depends on your business, your budget and your goal
but let me come up with an example and design a plan
Lets say you are a Mortgage Broker who just started your business and your template type of your website is just up and running online, you do not have that much budget to spend on marketing.
Let's see what we can do to promote your business and more importantly your brand which is your name.

Well here is what we can do with your situation:
1- We open a facebook business page for you - It wont be your personal page, not at all
2- We setup a facebook (Instagram) campaign with daily budget of $10 a day.
3- We will take a video from you and design a marketing video for you (we will push you to pay for it lol)
4- We will design 5 still image graphics plus an info graphic about the mortgage (we will push you to pay for it lol)
5- We will prepare 20 contents for your website blog in advance with 20 images or info graphics (we will push you to pay for it lol)
6- We will NOT setup Google campaign for you
7- We will check the SEO on your website and start creating the organic traffic
8- We will get in touch with your website suppliers and create a landing page to take care or your Social Media visitors.

The landing page is one of the most important things you need to convert the Social Media prospects in to payee customers otherwise Social Media is only good for branding.

Should I use Both?

There's always business people who are ready to get into the high rollers, yes you need both, I believe you are should already have your site ready so lets start them both, create a different landing pages for every different campaign and just keep changing the prospects into the real client.