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Mortgage to Purchase a property

We do believe that almost everyone is looking for the best rate mortgage possible to purchase the property they are looking for. Lower rate mortgage means you pay less monthly payment and that means you can purchase a better and more expensive property it also helps you to save 1000s of dollars over the life of the mortgage.
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How to get qualified for the best mortgage rate?

In order to get qualified for the best mortgage rate you need to prove the lender that the mortgage you are applying for is secure and you can follow the mortgage contract and pay all the payment on time.
If you can prove that you have the following conditions you are qualified for the best rate mortgage possible:
  • Employment verification
  • Proof of steady income
  • More than 20% down payment
  • Low monthly expenses
We do understand that not everyone can have these conditions, that's why we always offer financial consultation first to see if we can fit you in to this scenario. You might have a lot of payment every month which makes you not to get qualified for the best mortgage rate, or you have not enough saving to cover the 20% down payment, but surprisingly if you talk to an experts you might see that most of these problems you are facing now can be fixed with simple advice.

What if you are not qualified?

If you are self employed, have a lot of debt, can't afford the mortgage payment or even bankrupt, there's a solution for you too, the worst case scenario is that you might end up with higher interest rate mortgage but if we know your exact situation we can make a big difference in your monthly mortgage payments and the amount you can get qualified for so you be able to buy the property you love.
How we do it?
Depends on your situation there's always a way to make you qualified.
  • Cover only your down payment with a higher interest rate
  • Consolidate your debts with a lowest interest rate
  • Extend your amortization period
  • Insure your mortgage with default insurance
  • and much more

The best way to find out how we can help you reach your goals is to contact us and we will find a solution exactly fits to your financial situation.

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