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Everyone has his/her own story, our job is to find out what exactly your situation is an match the best rate loan specifically for YOU

Term rate From Payment/mon
1 Year Fix 6.33%
2 Years Fix 6.09%
3 Years Fix 5.54%
4 Years Fix 5.34%
5 Years Fix 5.13%
5 Yrs Variable 5.89%
Line of credit 0%
Payments calculated based on 25 years amortization

IR Mortgage, Toronto Onatario

IR Mortgage is covering Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We can be your one and only way to get the mortgage or loan you are looking for. Helping you to buy your dream home, reduce your monthly payments, consolidate your loans and much more.

What Is A Mortgage?

Mortgage is a loan which is secured by a real property.
When you apply for a mortgage the financial institution who provide you with the loan/mortgage will be on the title of the property along with you. That means you are responsible to keep the property in good shape, pay for the property insurance, property taxes and obviously your mortgage.

Cases you can apply for mortgage


The main reason you can apply for a mortgage is to purchase a property.
The property can be anything like residential property, commercial property, farm, ..., as long as the lender can secure their money by a real property. There are many different ways to apply for a mortgage, Every person has his/her own unique financial situation, and for every one of these situations there's a solution to help you have the mortgage you want and save more money, thanks to the competitive lending market in Ontario. If you are in a good financial shape, if you are not in a good financial situation, if you are self employed, bankrupt, has a lot of debt and so on, there's a way to save more money and have your dream home.
Our job is to analyze your financial situation, the way you make money, your monthly expenses, your future expectations,... and find the best mortgage plan fits exactly to your life style.
A very small differences between every mortgage plans can save you thousands of dollar over the life of your mortgage.
Contact us and let us find the best plan designed for you.

How can we help to get the mortgage you need for purchase

  1. First we need to know exactly what your financial situation is.
  2. What is your future expectation of your financial situation.
  3. Are you struggling or you are making good income.
  4. Are you expecting an inheritance or big chunk of money any time soon?
  5. We will analyze your answers.
  6. We will find you the best way to pay less interest and payoff the mortgage as soon as possible.
  7. If you struggling financially, lots of credit card debt, loans and ... we will find the best way for you to manage your debt with your mortgage.
  8. We will help you to go through the transaction step by step.
  9. We will be in contact will you to make sure you are comfortable with your payments, you need help or you are able to payoff your mortgage faster and save more...


Refinancing means, increasing your mortgage amount based on the asset you have on your real property.
Banks or any financial institutions will calculates the amount you are eligible for and give you the extra money in form or cash or cheque. In some cases you are only eligible for that amount if your debts being paid off (like credit card accounts), in order to make sure you will use this extra money to pay off your debts the use the lawyer to pay off your debts first and give you the remaining money.
Let's say your property worth $800,000 and your mortgage balance is $500,000 that means you have $300,000 asset on your property, you might EASILY become eligible for $140,000 loan with a much lower rate than your credit cards or even your the line of credit.
There is an standard formula to calculate the refinancing amount you are eligible for, banks use GDS (Gross Debt Services) and TDS (Total Debt Services) and LTV (Loan To value) to calculate the amount of refinancing you are eligible for. We have designed an easy refinancing calculator to calculate the amount based on your property value and your current mortgage amount.
If you have debts with high interest rates, credit card balances or any other loans, refinancing will help your financial situation by far. Comparing the interest rates on credit cards (19% - 24%) with the interest rate on your mortgage amount (5.89) will easily shows the difference.
The following chart shows an example of a $20,000 loan on a credit card with 20% interest rate and how much you save per month if you consolidate this loan with your mortgage.
# Rate Loan $/month
Credit card 20% $20,000 $333.33
Mortgage 1.59% $20,000 $26.50
Saving: $306.83

saving a couple of $300 per month is equal to saving $3,600 per year, for some families that means having an extra car. We had many clients who were expecting to save couple of hundreds but instead they saved more than $600 per months, that means a saving of $7,200 per year. How much you be saving if you payoff your credit card debts?.
The most important factor of making money is to reducing your expenses first, that is always possible if you talk to professionals about your financial situation.
Contact us about your refinance
Check Mortgage Refinance Calculator

Equity Take Out

If you are looking for a vacation property like buying a cottage, you want to renovate your house or any investment, the Equity Take Out can be the best option for you.
We will analyze your property value, your current mortgage balance, your monthly expenses and your income and we will find out the best way you can have the money you need for your cottage down payment, or renovate your house or use as an investment and so on.
Contact us to apply for Equity Take Out.
Calculate your Equity Take Out amount

Are you qualified?

Looking for Loan/Mortgage and not sure if you are qualified or get approved?
If you think that you might not have enough income or has a lot of debt or bankrupt or any other reasons that makes you think you will not get approved for the loan or mortgage your are looking for, the best way is to contact us, a simple free call will give you the answer you are looking for. You might not know how much you will be qualified for or the lender might reject your request because of this and that, our advice is that do not prejudge yourself, talk to professionals first, we know many different solutions which will help people in many different financial situations.
You can also use one of our automated applications to see if you will get qualified for the money you want.
Contact us to find your options.
Check affordability calculator for more info
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